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Welcome to the Fox Flashlights,  you're one stop shop for the most advanced LED lighting products in the world. Up until a few years ago the flashlight had changed very little since its inception in 1898. Using the word flashlight for todayís new high-tech LED versions somehow does not seem remotely appropriate. They are more, much more! They are a microprocessor controlled pocket size LED lighting, signaling, entertainment and safety devices. They are small, powerful, durable, and multi-functional with a battery life many times that of an ordinary flashlight, and with LEDís (Light-emitting-diodes) there are no bulbs to break at that most inconvenient moment.
With the advancements in LED technology the future of lighting looks bright! Their solid-state technology (Fox LEDís have a life expectancy of 100,000 hours or more) the huge savings in power consumption, the fact they produce little or no heat, no UV, and are virtually maintenance free, assures itís place as the lighting of the future.
Light weight and compact, Fox flashlights offers extra-long battery life to illuminate your night time adventures or cave explorations. Try the 1300 lumens one of the most powerful flashlights and smallest in its size, no more long and heavy flashlight. Fox Light comes with Tactical & Diving types, with full line of accessories for military & outdoor usage. Fox Flashlights has multiple function: pre-focused, aluminium reflector, flat lens, magnetic rotary switch, 100%-50%-10%brightness-Strobe-S.O.S  variational light out-put, 300 feet water-proof guarantee. Made from machined aerospace-grade aluminium hard-anodized, Mil-Spec Type III makes it last longer 5 times than others.
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